Life updates: new job, new city, new chapter

I'll say again, applying to 100+ jobs, wrapping up a second MA, teaching, working, and trying to get keep a dissertation moving nuts. My three faces for this semester: Hugh- something is happening Zac- what on earth is happening James- ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING — Katherine W. (@KWaldenPhD) January 21, 2018   … Continue reading Life updates: new job, new city, new chapter

IDEAL 12/11 Assignment Design Workshop

I had the opportunity to kick off Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning's 2017-2018 assignment design workshop series this week, leading a 90 minute workshop for graduate students on multimodal composition and digital humanities pedagogy. Download the Workshop PPT and handout. The workshop opened with some reflections on the way I had incorporated multimodal composition … Continue reading IDEAL 12/11 Assignment Design Workshop

Fall 2017 Update

I'm supposed to be cranking out another around of revisions on the dissertation proposal, so this will stay brief. Junior Fellowship at the Library of Congress was AMAZING. I'm one of three scholars in the U.S. who studies baseball/music intersections, and I got to spend 10 weeks on a baseball music scavenger hunt AT THE … Continue reading Fall 2017 Update

NASSH 2017 Slides

After traveling 5,000 miles in 6 days (would not recommend. Especially with a cold/sinus infection), I'm quasi-settled in D.C. for a Library of Congress Junior Fellowship. More on that here. Many thanks to Jennifer Sterling, Jennifer Guiliano, and Murray Philips for being part of a digital sport history panel at this year's NASSH convention. I've … Continue reading NASSH 2017 Slides

A Method to the Method

This post originally appeared on the University of Iowa's NEH-funded Next Generation PhD Project online site. In most humanities PhD programs, at some point in the first year of graduate coursework, students take a theory and methods course. At the University of Iowa, graduate students in English take “Introduction to Graduate Study” in the first … Continue reading A Method to the Method